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Crazy money is not just about a cash transfer program with no strings attached. Watching this documentary provides one with a holistic view and understanding of living in extreme poverty. It humanized giving and makes real the dignity of giving people choices in life. Such a great portrayal of life in rural East Africa.

During two sold-out festival screenings, I really could feel the audience's enthusiasm for the film as well as for the groundbreaking development project. 
Crazy Money is a truly unique African "tranche de vie".

A moving, unadulterated testimony of what life is like in a small African village and a glimpse of the sometimes-surprising impact that even a modest level of individual economic security can have on women and men and their relations with each other.

Crazy Money is not a movie the way we think about the product “movie”. 
Because there are no actors. Because there is no script.
It is however definitely art, and in some way more than art.

Very human. Full of humanity.
I loved how it ended and how everyone cheered when it was explained as no strings. That kind of reaction gets me right in the feels every time I see it.
Really, the only truly crazy thing about Crazy Money, is that it doesn’t already exist for everyone as a long-established human right. 

Crazy Money is an amazing adventure by Steven Janssens. He dares to penetrate into the lives of people in a small village called Busibi in Uganda. Steven does this very difficult feat with deep respect and compassion and portrays the highs and lows of a bare human life. There is no lament in his storytelling. He shows how by turning the right wheels a big transformation is possible in the lives of people. He tells us this story with utter calm and striking camera work and music. As you are watching this film, you make friends with the characters in the film, begin to love them, and you don’t want it to end. In all ways, this is a powerful film.

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