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Film Screening in Busibi

Reactions from the people

After all the travel restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic, we finally had the chance to travel to Busibi to show Crazy Money to the village. Thank you to the people of Busibi for their hospitality, friendship and trust.




What is possible when we have guaranteed money to meet our basic needs? No requirements. No stipulations. No paybacks. We look to the village of Busibi to discover what’s possible when we give money directly to people. No strings attached.

The answer lies in the residents’ personal stories. Their successes and tribulations illustrate the impact of one of the most daring projects in contemporary development cooperation. Their life stories unexpectedly prove to be all too familiar. They make us laugh. They move us.

Blending in together, they create a colorful and poetic reality portrait, illustrating the big consequences of a small sum of money ...



Robert and Alice, Richard and Rose, Mary and Amos, Leonia and John talk about how they got to know each other, their years of love that followed and the great respect for each other.

Full of beauty, poetry and humor.

Director's note

My goal with this film was to make the first film that really shows basic income in action.
In Crazy Money the story is told by the people, because we are all human.
Everytime and everywhere.

When travelling in Uganda in 2011, I sat and watched Jeeps from different Western countries and different international organizations passing by. I wondered what would be possible if the money used to purchase one vehicle was given directly to the people they claimed to be in service to? What would happen if people and communities got autonomy over their own lives?
What if international organizations stopped dictating communities' needs and instead shared the resources towards community self-determination.
We set out to answer that question with Crazy Money. We all need money to meet our basic needs. While it can’t buy happiness, it is difficult to be happy and safe in this society without it. The Crazy Money team is grateful to the community of Busibi for sharing their lives and stories with us in hopes of creating a better world where we all have what we need to survive. 

Basic income is a hopeful way forward that honors our basic human rights in a capitalized world.

       Olivia Alaso

You say a project is coming to the community and it is for the community.
Let the community decide what they want, not what you want.


Grace Kajumba and Abel Eribankya

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